Matthew Wood is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Relations. His first book, Hyper-active Governance (Cambridge University Press), explores how political economy can help explain different approaches governments use to using expertise within policy-making. It advocates an inclusive approach, integrating expertise within democratic governance. His current research, funded by the ESRC, focuses on Brexit, health governance, and the future legitimacy of the European Union. He is also interested in and researching the political economy of urban air pollution governance. 

Matthew’s research is driven by a concern for how political and economic elites can critically reflect on and address legitimacy deficits by changing how they interact with the public. Working out how to do this requires multiple methods, and Matthew’s work moves between bottom-up ethnographic analysis of the public, and co-produced surveys and interviews with elite government agencies. Matthew is a trustee of the Political Studies Association, and has written at length on how he believes the discipline of Politics can become more engaged with the public. For more information, see his recently published article ‘Engaged Political Science‘.

Further information about Matthew can be found here.