Nabeela Ahmed is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Sheffield Institute of International Development (SIID). She is interested in understanding urban inequalities and precarity: specifically the relationships between labour, migration and exclusion from urban welfare, resources and infrastructures, particularly in post-colonial contexts.

Nabeela completed her PhD in Human Geography at the University of Sussex in 2018. Her doctoral research focused on labour migrants working in the informal construction sector in India, and their access to citizen rights and state entitlements. At SIID, Nabeela is looking at the impact of digitisation of welfare programmes on precarious labourers in India, and seeking to innovate feminist and decolonial methodologies in which to ground political economy issues of governance and labour. 

She is also lead investigator of the interdisciplinary project: Mobilising women: navigating urban infrastructures and resilience in Dhaka, Bangladesh, jointly funded the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and The Royal Society. The project will include in its focus, garment workers living urban settlements in Bangladesh, and their access and everyday experiences with urban infrastructures.

Further information about Nabeela can be found here.