Owen is a Research Fellow at SPERI and Senior Lecturer in European Politics in the Department of Politics. His work focuses on the EU, with a particular focus on the political economy of the contemporary EU.

Before coming to Sheffield in 2012, Owen was a postdoctoral and doctoral researcher at the University of Warwick. Prior to that he spent three years working for the European Commission on EU enlargement policy.

Further information about Owen can be found here.

Research Interests

Owen has published a monograph on the strands of thought – economic and legal  – underpinning contemporary governance in the EU. He is co-author of the leading textbook on EU politics.

Owen is currently pursuing three strands of research:

  1. the political economy of EU citizenship and migration within and into the EU;
  2. the political economy of the contemporary EU, with a focus on the Eurozone crisis;
  3. Brexit (with a focus on issues of migration).

Key Publications