Richard Craven is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law. His research interests concern the legal regulation of government procurement, including, in particular, enforcement and remedies, non-commercial procurement objectives and Public-Private Partnerships. Richard’s research is socio-legal, engaging with social research methods and economic sociology. He is currently writing a monograph on the evolving justifications behind procurement law, policy and practice in the United Kingdom.

Richard also has a strong interest in ideas and debates in economics, in particular relating to the Law & Economics movement, institutional economics and the new economic sociology. In view of this interest, Richard recently organised a conference sponsored by the ISRF and the Association for Heterodox Economics exploring the intersection between economics, sociology and law, and, in 2020/21, Richard will run a new teaching module, Law in the Economy, exploring, with students, different perspectives on the role of law in markets. Richard also teaches public law and competition law.