Rosaleen Duffy is Professor of International Politics in the Department of Politics. Rosaleen is a political ecologist, and her research focuses on the intersections of biodiversity conservation with global capitalism. Her research interests more specifically revolve around political ecologies of tourism, wildlife conservation, transfrontier conservation and the illegal wildlife trade. She is also interested in degrowth, sustainability and animal studies.

Currently, she directs the BIOSEC Project Biodiversity and Security: Understanding Environmental Crime, Illegal Wildlife Trade and Threat Finance. This is funded by a European Research Council Advanced Investigator Grant of EUR 1.8 million; the project brings together a team of researchers working on the ways that security oriented approaches are changing conservation practices.

She is also involved in the Convivial Conservation Project, funded by the Belmont Forum and ESRC, which aims to develop fresh ways of thinking about human coexistence with top predators; the project aims to move beyond protected areas and market based approaches in order to integrate the needs of both humans and non-humans.

She was awarded a Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS) in 2018.

Further information about Rosaleen can be found here.