Rowland Atkinson is Chair in Inclusive Societies and works both within the Urban Studies and Planning department and across the Faculty of Social Sciences. He is an urban sociologist with a strong inter-disciplinary underpinning to his work.

Rowland’s work crosses the boundaries of urban and housing studies, sociology, geography and criminology. Much of his work seeks to uncover hidden and less visible social problems and issues in cities. His interests have tended to focus on the urban and spatial consequences of social divisions. These interests have generated a wide-ranging research programme that has considered household displacement from gentrification, social exclusion and housing policy interventions and the rise of gated communities. Most recently, his work has focused on the impact of wealth and the wealthy on urban life and international work on violence in low-crime cities in Europe.

He is the author, with Sarah Blandy, of Domestic Fortress: Fear and the New Home Front (Manchester University Press) and, with Gareth Millington, Urban Criminology: The city, Disorder, Harm and Social Control (Routledge).

Further information about Rowland can be found here.