Ruth Blakeley joined the University of Sheffield in 2017 as Professor of Politics and International Relations, and Director of the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership for the Social Sciences. Her research focuses on a range of issues across the areas of international security, terrorism and political violence, and the global governance of human rights.

Her interests include US power, imperialism, US and UK foreign policy, state violence and state terrorism, and torture. She is particularly interested in the relationship between the evolution of the international political economy and state violence. These interests lead her to frequently engage with questions on the potential of human rights norms as vehicles for political and social change. 

Ruth is co-director (with Sam Raphael, University of Westminster) of The Rendition Project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). This provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the CIA’s Rendition, Detention and Interrogation programme. Research findings are disseminated through an extensive and innovative project website ( Ruth is now drawing on this extensive empirical research into one of the most controversial state-led security programmes of the 21st century, to address pressing questions about developments in the use of state violence and the global governance of human rights.

Further information about Ruth can be found here.